Our flat in detail

Our holiday flat differentiates itself from other holiday flats, since it resembles a real flat way more than others and its furniture adds to a nostalgic feeling.

The location of our holiday flat is close to downtown and in a calm neighborhood. It is easy to get to by car, bus and even train. From our flat it's about one kilometre to downtown, two kilometres to the central train station, two kilometres to the regional waterpark "Olantis-Huntebad" - and about two kilometres to the coastal lake "Drielaker See".

If you are interested in sights and highlights of Oldenburg, you can learn more on our site "Environ", where we've listed some places and sights worth seeing.

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Ground Plan

The flat is located at ground-floor with one height level and contains of:


The flat is located at ground-floor with one height level and contains of an area with approximately 75 square meters, two bed drooms, two living rooms, one hallway, one kitchen, one bathroom and one small terrace.

Furthermore a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, dishwasher, electric stove, baking oven, coffee machine, water heater and a microwave. The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, sink and a WC. One bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe and tv. One small bedroom with loft bed, bed couch and a small desk. One living room with bureau, bed couch and a tv. One livingroom with armchairs and an extension table. And one small terrace with seating accommodation.

Please understand that out of consideration for other visitors of our holiday flat, it is not allowed to bring pets or to smoke inside of our holiday flat.


Not allowed